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Thank you Doctor (previous)


Thank you Doctor (previous)

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Parrying Drangleic

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me using windows 8
how do I do anything

Anonymous Asked:
Did you go to the crisis center, are you ok?

My answer:

yeah I just convinced them I was low risk enough to leave
it was just moderately embarrassing because I didn’t need to be there and didn’t want to be wasting professionals’ time
I talked to some guy about the tkol newspaper album which was cool I guess

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Yogventures, an ambitious video game project helmed by a group of YouTubers called The Yogscast, raised over $567,000 back in 2012 to make what they called “the game you’ve always wanted.”

Last week, the developers of Yogventures announced that they had cancelled the game, and that backers would not be getting refunds. So what happened? Where did the money go? Let’s break it down.

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 I casually explained my general state of being to a doctor now I have to go to a crisis centre tomorrow

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yungkingblackbolt replied to your post: At the moment to try and gain any of m…

You should try going back to pencil and paper for a while dude. That shit might help. Or……

oh I do use pencil and paper, my problem is taking it beyond that and completing anything that isn’t a sketch
also thanks for inspirational DOOM